Really great points made here, both by Robert Reich and Paul Krugman.

Reich notes that alienating your base while negotiating with yourself is a losing strategy (true, unless the administration’s goal is to kill the public option), and Krugman mocks the idea of "bipartisanship" in this era of a monolithically wingnutty GOP.

But Krugman also argues what Jane has previously: if they really oppose it, let’s see "centrists" like Evan WellPoint Bayh and Max Baucus filibuster the public option.

There’s a question whether they’re for it, or are they willing to vote against cloture to stop this really quite modest but helpful piece of the reform being in there? They have no intellectual basis to stand on. The argument against the public option is sheer nonsense, we know that, it’s nothing except the insurance lobby.

Paul Krugman is shrill.