Afternoon Panel Update

Christy’s panel – photo by Eli

I’ve just been told that my panel will be broadcast live on C-Span this afternoon. It will begin sat 3 pm ET. Thought folks would want a heads up.

[Christy will be on the panel with Rep. Jerry Nadler, Nan Aron, Doug Kendall, And Thomas Saenz.]

Later this evening, when I’m not typing from Marcy’s little laptop, I’ll post a copy of my opening statement for folks who won’t be able to watch. And a panel recap for folks as well.

It’s gorgeous here today. Wish you were here!

[It’s not quite a liveblog, but those of you here or watching on C-SPAN, please leave comments and observations below.]

Christy Panel

Yes, that’s Christy
(Gregg has a crappy camera)

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