Mike Stark Asks Michele Bachmann About Birthers

Michele Bachmann is a member of Bill Posey’s nine-member Birther Caucus. She originally blocked the resolution celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hawaii Statehood that included a line citing Hawaii as President Obama’s birthplace, but then voted for it. But when asked by Mike Stark of Firedoglake.com whether she believed Obama was born in the United States, she recited a litany of things she was too busy working on that precluded her from giving a "yes" or "no" answer.

A new Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll shows that 77% of Americans believe that Obama was, indeed, born in the United States, while 11% believe that he wasn’t, and 12% aren’t sure.

  Yes No Not sure
Dem. 93 4 3
Rep. 42 28 30
Ind. 83 8 9

Those numbers break down further to indicate that support for the birther conspiracy theory is primarily in the South:

Yes No Not sure
Northeast 93 4 3
South 47 23 30
Midwest 90 6 4
West 87 7 6

Since Michele Bachmann ostensibly represents Minnesota, her R+7 district must be pretty extreme for the region if she represents the views of the majority of her constituents.

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