Breaking: Senate Judiciary Approves Sotomayor Nomination – 13 to 6

sotomayor.jpgThe Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Sotomayor SCOTUS nomination this morning, in a vote of 13 to 6.

This from Sen. Leahy’s speech covers the Democratic perspective for the most part:

In her 17 years on the bench there is not one example, let alone a pattern, of her ruling based on bias or prejudice or sympathy. She has been true to her oath and faithfully and impartially performed her duties as set forth by the Constitution. As a prosecutor and as a judge, she has administered justice without favoring one group of persons over any other. She testified directly to this point, saying, "I have now served as an appellate judge for over a decade, deciding a wide range of constitutional, statutory and other legal questions. Throughout my 17 years on the bench, I have witnessed the human consequences of my decisions. Those decisions have not been made to serve the interests of any one litigant, but always to serve the larger interests of impartial justice."

And this sums up the GOP perspective:

Last week, the NRA said it would consider senators’ votes on Sotomayor when it grades political candidates for its voter guides. That move, Democratic aides said, was likely to deter some Republican senators who were considered possible Sotomayor votes.

Coverage of the various vote speeches from committee senators can be found here.

The nomination now heads to the full Senate for debate and a vote.