In my diary over at Dailykos urging people to call the Democratic leadership, members of the Energy and Commerce committee, the leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and the White House, I received this report from a kossack who called Rep. Lynn Woolsey’s office. Apparently Lynn Woolsey thinks it’s okay for Congress to delay the passage of health care reform by insisting that Members of Congress have the right to go on vacation to "listen" to their constituents. Here’s the report direct from a kossack:

Did it, called everyone and a email to the WH. cannot get thru on phone. line is continue to be busy. Lynn Woolsey’s office tried to tell me Congresswoman needs to go home and listen to her voters. I told her that they need to get this done before going on vacation. We are all voters and the voters have spoken.

So, why is the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus ready to go on vacation and allow this bill to be held hostage by the Blue Dogs? Please call her office at 202-225-516, and report back with answers if you can.