Boccieri Won’t Say What He Thinks About Bailing Out Insurance Companies

Rep. John Boccierie (OH-16) tells Mike Stark he "likes to consider himself progressive." He refers to a public plan a "patients’ option," but when Mike asks him if he’ll vote against a plan that doesn’t have one, all he’ll say is that he’ll "look at the bill," and that we’ve "got to address health care now."

Boccieri walked the plank over the ACES bill, and is now getting slammed for it by the NRCC. According to The Hill, Boccieri says there’s "a little fear" among his coinstituents of a government-run plan. And he says that his feeling is that "there‚Äôs enough money in the system already."

I wonder if there is a lot of trust among people in his district for private insurance companies? Because that’s what they’re going to be stuck with without a public plan. And it looks like Boccierri will vote for something that is under-funded and won’t really do anything to help middle class people.

Boccieri Ohio office: (330) 754-0534. DC office: (202) 225-3876.