Sanford: David, or Solomon?


OK, so we’ve gone from Sanford having misbehaved with one woman to misbehaving with "a handful of women other than his mistress" . . . and, of course, other than his wife.

I think Governor Sanford was reaching for the wrong biblical parallel last week. It is beginning to look as if David, the Fallen-But-Still-Royal-Sinner, is not the character he’s emulating, but David’s son Solomon.

David, so the story goes, slept with the already-married Bathsheba, and when she turned up pregnant, he arranged for her husband Uriah to be killed in battle. David kept his crown, he kept his new wife, but his son by Bathsheba died.

But David’s later son Solomon . . .

As I noted earlier, Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. Now that‘s a handful.

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