Courtesy of Teh Sadly

The latest brilliant GOP rebranding idea comes from The Pantload, who’s convinced himself that the only reason Obama won the 2008 election was that people thought McCain was "cranky."

Picking lint out of his own navel Commenting on his own article, he proposes:

I think an Hispanic Ward Connerly could do wonders for the GOP. For starters, he could set the immigration debate right in a way that fixes much of the GOP’s so-called branding problem. He — or she, though my sense is it would need to be a he — could make it clear that legal immigration is good (though in need of reform) and that illegal immigration undermines not only continued legal immigration, but assimilation. More important, he could allow the GOP to reclaim at least some of the extremely good and noble narrative of immigration as a story of individualism, entrepreneurialism, and patriotic assimilation rather than group victimization. An Hispanic businessman could shake things up in all sorts of ways. He could send the signal that the GOP is still the party of opportunity and self-reliance. He would help with the deteriorating Catholic vote, with the Western states, and even some Eastern urban areas.

Problem solved!

Never mind the economy, the various wars BushCo lost, health care, energy, climate change, wage stagnation, stem cell research — you know, all the reasons people kicked Republicans out of every level of government over the past two elections.

Some of my fellow FDLers also had fun with this.


"I think an Hispanic Ward Connerly could do wonders for the GOP". Right, because the non-hispanic Ward Connerly has really make a huge fucking difference.  Just look at how many African-Americans vote GOP now!


"Quick, get me a Mexican those Minutemen guys like!"


I think someone’s been hanging out at "Build-A-Bear" down at the mall a bit too much for everyone’s comfort.

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