Good plan

Oh hooray! Back in the early days of the Bush Administration’s manufactured reality of fighting wars by being extra dickish there were stories of how missionaries followed the military into countries because Jesus Saves those who aren’t bombed to death.

Well, that never really came about on a large scale, but that is because, not for the first time, some have cut out the middleman.

A report by Al Jazeera English shows soldiers in Afghanistan passing around Bibles in Pashto and Dari, the languages of Afghanistan, presumably to be distributed.

This despite the fact the military explicitly bans proselytizing.

The Al Jazeera report also shows Lt. Col. Gary Hensley, the chief of the US military chaplains in Afghanistan, telling a congregation of U.S. servicemembers that their job as Christian is to “hunt people for Jesus.” “That’s what we do, that’s our business”

Yeah, I’m sure that’s just the way he’d want you to put it.

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