Ask Tim Geithner Questions

Richard Neiman, Member of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, asked HuffPost readers to submit questions for Treasury Secretary Geithner

Below are the questions I submitted; I urge you to send in your own questions.
Or use mine if you want.

Dear Mr. Neiman;
Per the HuffPost request ,here are some of my questions.

1. Why does Geithner refuse to act per the law (Title 12, Sec. 1831o) mandating that banking regulators take "prompt corrective action" to resolve any troubled bank?

2. Does he really think the American people are so stupid as to not see the kabuki dance the ‘stress tests’ are?

3. The PPIP has been shown by various analysts to be a taxpayer subsidy to relieve banks of assets they are unwilling to sell at ‘market’ pricing; why should taxpayers be required to subsidize the mismanagment,greed, and lack of social conscience exhibited by these large banks?

4. Given that ‘credit’ (debt) is the impetus behind all the current financial industry issues, why is there such a focus on the ‘return to normal’ that brought us to the current situation?

5. When are you,Summers, Romer, and Bernanke going to resign for the good of the country?

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