Fox News Sponsors Anti-Tax Tea Party E-mail Collection Drive


Yeppers. Totally grassroots. No opportunistic e-mail collection and marketing drive here. No siree.

Why, Glenn Reynolds totally independent op-ed in the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post smells more and more gen-u-ine every day:

Instead of the "astroturf" that has marked the ACORN-organized AIG protests, this movement is real grassroots. So if you’ve had enough, consider visiting a Tea Party protest in your area — there’s bound to be one.

Nope, no astroturf, Glenn. Just honest-to-goodness real folks like. . . Greta Van Susteran, who also happens to be a Fox News anchor.

Or Glenn Beck, also coincidentally working for Fox news.


Or, hey, that’s Neil Cavuto, also — golly gee, look at that — Fox news.

Or even Sean Hannity. . . regular ole Fox news fella. They sure are ubiquitous rascals, aren’t they?

If you want, you can send a postcard on the Fox News website to your Fox News fan pals about the Fox News coverage of the Fox News Anti-Tax Tea Party day. Foxy!

And I bet Fox News won’t ever use the e-mail addresses they gather through their Fox News postcards for Fox News promotions or right-wing e-mail pushes. Totally unrelated, I’m sure (and don’t say this is a fox in the henhouse moment).

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