Not even trying anymore

Little Lord Fop-leroy, Michael Gerson, is just phoning it in now:

Who has been the most polarizing new president of recent times? Richard Nixon? Ronald Reagan? George W. Bush? No, that honor belongs to Barack Obama.

Naturally, this is ALL Obama’s fault. It is not the responsibility of fair-minded Republicans like Mitch McConnell or John Boehner crying leathery tears of old fashioned bipartisanship — the kind where Republicans got Democrats to vote for their policies by calling them traitors, pornographers, terrorists, wimps and/or fasci-communists — you know like they and FoxNews still do. Good (never ending) times.

What Gerson doesn’t wish to talk about is this:

Republican ratings of Clinton at that point (26%) are comparable to their current ratings of Obama today (27%).

The polarization problem seems to be on one-side of the aisle, and it isn’t the Party that starts with a “D”. Plus, Obama is far more popular with Independents, than say…any Republican. And even better Mikey, let’s look at those popularity ratings among the only growing voting bloc, the young. Obama’s favorability with voters ages 18-29, 81 percent; Democrats, 59 percent; Republicans, 9 percent — Nine!


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