Michelle Bachmann, Vigilant Guardian of the Constitution

Watch Timothy Geithner’s face as he’s grilled here by Bachmann. Priceless.

BACHMANN: What provision in the Constitution could you point to to give authority for the actions that have been taken by the Treasury since March of ’08?

GEITHNER: Oh, well the Congress legislated, in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, a range of very important new authorities…

BACHMANN: Sir, in the Constitution? What in the Constitution could you point to to give authority to the Treasury extraordinary actions that they take?

GEITHNER: Every action that the Treasury and the Fed and the FDIC is, is been using authority granted by this body. By this body the Congress.


Funny how all these Bush/Cheney Republicans have suddenly discovered there’s this thing called "the Constitution," isn’t it?

A friend who speaks wingnut tells me this is good old right-wing/Bircher/Evil Federal Reserve/One World Government paranoia, as Bachmann later hints at with her weird question about an "international monetary standard." But I think she’s just an idiot.

Also kinda funny when Barney Frank puts her in her place at the end.

(Oh, and PS…)

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