Just middle class people

Well, I guess our outrage over being awarded for failure is completely misplaced. And who would know better than members of the former Bush Administration, like Dana Perino who says of those poor people at AIG getting seven figure bonuses they are…

…the people who are working there that are middle-class people, are expecting to get this bonus. If they do not get it, maybe they won’t be motivated enough to try to help the company turn around and getting the company to turn around and be more profitable is important for all of us.

Um, yeah…

And the world’s best known tea-bagger, Rick Santelli must be outraged — but no, this time he’s outraged by the outrage.

Yet, sadly, one gets the feeling that Tim Geithner, clearly the Matt Millen of the Obama Administration, is probably sitting in his office squeaking and sweating nervously (one gets the feeling that we all have discovered this is his great talent, a veritable Administrative Don Knotts) that these two know what they’re talking about.

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