Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm. . .

Attaturk made me spew my coffee this morning. Bastard. And John Cole followed up with marketing advice for morans. Be sure to watch the Daily Show video at the end.

Digby has a problem with moles.

Hilzoy schools the WaPo. Priceless.

— The CIA trying to stifle whistleblowers? Say it isn’t so. Speaking of which, how about we try protecting whistleblowers properly?

— "Kabuki Theatre." Best descriptive nutshell ever of the whole of Republican leadership, rank and file lunacy and wingnutty gooberism. All rolled up in a tidy package of "I know you are, but what am I" with sprinkles on top. Lots and lots of sprinkles. Some with extra lardy goodness. Did I mention the extra lardy goodness?

— Damn you, Thers. You’ve ruined kool-aid for me.

— But the end may be near. Seriously. I’m just sayin’…because this is depressing as hell.

— But this makes me smile.

Boehner and staff? Meet the internets. Amazing what you can find that’s been online for months and months for your reading pleasure when you bother to do your job instead of prancing around before the cameras and lounging in a tanning bed. (see, kabuki theatre, above). Seriously, the incompetence posing as righteous indignation act? Wearing thin.

— Who is leaking and why at the Pentagon? Good question.

— Scott Horton addresses the enemy combatant canard.

— Froomkin questions the echo chamber.

What’s catching your eye this morning?

(YouTube — The Ballad of Bernie Madoff.)

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