Ed Rendell Speaks: 2.2 Trillion Infrastructure Deficit


Rendell spoke and he noted that the House bill is much better than the Senate bill, but that the Senate bill is better than nothing and that means keeping the support of the 3 Republican Senators.  He’s particularly concerned with Specter, because Specter is back up for reelection in 2010 and very vulnerable to a primary challenge.

Rendell feels that major changes are needed in almost everything in the economy and that Roosevelt’s big failure was when he backed off his big plans in his second term.

For alternative energy to work needs:

Make Alternative energy tax credit permanent

Federal government use its purchasing power to become a big factor in buying alternative energy.  Very upset that the purchases of hybrid cars taken out. 

Should use its regulatory power to require utilities to use more alternative energy sources.

Redirect oil subsidies to alternative energy

Direct financial support for alternative energy


200 billion of infrastructure in the stimulus, but 2.2 trillion infrastructure deficit in the country.  And it’s the best type of stimulus spending.  

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