Boehner to GOP: Less Work, More Talk

Every once in a while, a Freudian slip of mammoth ugly truth proportions falls from someone’s lips. Behold:

Before Gingrich offered that somewhat surprising praise, Boehner reminded Republicans that they are no longer in the business of legislating and should focus almost solely on communicating their message with voters.

"We are in the communications business,” Boehner told the crowd during his opening remarks. “We can build a new Republican majority one issue at a time."

Ask not what you can do for your country.

Ask what you can manipulate the voters of your country to do for your own personal ambition and the growing needs of the rapacious Republican party.

Wonder what the record numbers of folks filing jobless claims and/or the nearly 3 million who are estimated to become jobless in 2009 think about that? Guess we’ll see.

Sure hope the GOP is enjoying their romp in the cushy digs at The Homestead Resort and Spa. Note to Boehner: I hear the 1766 Men’s Manicure is just the thing to polish off one’s perma-tan panache.

Because nothing says "man of the people" like a robust speech about how their needs don’t matter unless your political party is getting something out of it, while dining in luxury accommodations and taking in the mineral waters and perhaps a morning Sportsman treatment for a bit of uplift around the eye area and a gentle scrubbing of the skin to enhance that Ebenezer glow.

The stupid. It burns.

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