Bipartisan This! House Republicans Gain Stimulus Concessions, Then Pledge to Vote “No”

Who could have thought we could have more fun than we did yesterday, when we listened to one Republican after another on cable news tell us that Democrats just were not getting with Obama’s spirit of "bipartisanship" and letting Republicans have everything they want in the stimulus bill?

But wait! The GOP standard bearers for peace and harmony are ever to the fore. Per Aravosis:

While GOP lawmakers said they appreciated Obama’s visit, their leaders urged a "no" vote because of the bill’s price tag. "All it does is burden our kids and their kids with more debt," said House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio, citing a non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimate that the plan would add $347 billion in interest on the national debt over 10 years.

Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., said there could be as many as 10 to 15 Republicans supporting the package, but added, "If I had to bet, I would bet zero."

For an encore, I’m anxiously awaiting a lecture on the virtues of thrift from the party who brought you the $800 billion dollar war and the budget they refused to allow under Congressional oversight.

To paraphrase the gone but not forgotten Deborah Howell, "kumbayah, motherfuckers!"

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