The Wurst Generation

I keep thinking conservatives will stop denying the past while simultaneously living in it. And I’m perpetually wrong. So I guess they’d tell me it is all my fault.

If we could house hundreds of thousands of Germans, including thousands of Nazi officers and SS members, behind mere barbed-wire fences in rural America (often in ethnically German communities) in the 1940s, I think we can manage to keep less than three hundred people in an American prison. Why we even let German POWs gather together and sing the "Die Wacht am Rhein" without the competing "La Marseillaise" smackdown. Yet, somehow we managed to win the war and survive. Go figure.

The ability of some Americans to have no problem with sweeping folks up and holding them without charges or trial in perpetuity while simultaneously not wanting them to be held at a nearby maximum security prison is, as always, astounding. Why take the smallest modicum of responsibility when you can shit your pants instead?

But then again, George Bush was President for two terms and may have even been elected once.

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