The Stimulus Bill is the Immigration Bill All Over Again

Anyone remember the immigration bill?  The one which increased the number of guest workers and had draconian rules for becoming a citizen that included having to go back to the country of origin?  The one that conservatives hated and liberals were lukewarm about?

Insiders are trying to get some sort of popular enthusiasm going, but really, even most people who support it think "it’s better than nothing.  But it’s not very good".  All the enthusiasm and energy, for killing it, is on the right.  On the left, a palpable yawn.

Unlike the immigration bill, it’ll probably pass, only because there are a lot more Democrats in Congress now.  Putting out a bill liberals and progressives can’t be enthusiastic about left Obama without a left wing that’s fired up to push it, with few surrogates to push back against Republican propaganda, and a bill which will be much less effective economically than it should be.

Which means, in the end, the right may get what they want: a bill so compromised it doesn’t turn the economy around, leading to electoral gains in 2010 and 2012.

And the irony is, it’ll probably pass with as bare a vote margin as if it had been a more effective, more liberal, bill.

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