Late Nite: Party On, Garth

jane_hamsher_obama_ball.jpgAt the Illinois home state ball.

There’s a bar band playing ‘You Sexy Thing’ and the tortellini is cold. If glamour is coming to DC it’s not here yet.

Rumor has it there were three people not welcome at the swearing in today: Rod Blagojevich,  Anibal Acevedo Vila and John Edwards.

Update:  Google Ball at the Mellon Auditorium was very glam, lovely white vignettes in every room.   Lots of beautiful dresses.  Rachel Sklar, Larry Page, Eli Pariser, Kombiz Lavasany, Ali Savino, Mario Ruiz, Dan Abrams, Jonathan Singer, Anna Berger, Emma McKinnon, Ilyse Hogue, Michael Isikoff, Willie Geist in attendance. 

A whole lot of people dancing (badly) to "Sweet Caroline."  Nobody cared, everyone was ebullient.  It feels like a plague just lifted or something.

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