Look, we’re not nostalgic

Fresh off a final press conference where all the things we dislike about him were put on display (like a mandrill), Bush has decided saying goodbye once just is not enough. Now he has to step into the shoes of Eisenhower.

He’s giving a "Farewell Address" in which he will whole-heartedly endorse "the military industrial complex". After all what did Dwight Eisenhower know about the military?

President George W. Bush will give a farewell address to the nation Thursday night, billed by the administration as a chance to reflect on his tenure and welcome Barack Obama without fighting old battles one last time.

Bush will deliver the speech, expected to run 10 to 15 minutes, from the ornate East Room of the White House. He will have a small audience of people in the room, chosen for their stories of personal courage.

The underlying message, once again, to emphasize just how "courageous" George Bush really is by surrounding him with the real deal.


One more week.

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