Is Eric Holder Going to Let Himself be Outclassed by Harriet Meirs?


Politico is reporting that Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s choice for Attorney General, is the ONLY cabinet nominee likely to face opposition from the Senate. They point out, however, that it is rare for the Senate to deny a president his choice:

The Senate hasn’t rejected a Cabinet nominee outright since 1989, when it voted down John Tower, President George H.W. Bush’s pick as Defense secretary. Before that, it hadn’t rejected a Cabinet pick since 1959. With Democrats in control in the Senate — and Republicans looking to pick their battles carefully — don’t expect a repeat in 2009.

There is a good reason for this. Normally, when nominees become controversial and risk damaging the president who selected them, they withdraw their names from consideration. Like Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood did with President Clinton. It’s the classy, honorable thing to do.

Heck, even Harriet Meirs had enough class to do so.

Really, Holder should stop acting like Governor Blagojevich, screwing over his own party and his own president.

Holder should do the classy thing, and withdraw his name from consideration rather than making PEBO expend political capital and waste time. PEBO’s got enough problems (economic crisis? wars?) without adding Eric Holder to the list.

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