The “Audacity” of pecs

Jerry Ford’s lesser known cameo in ‘Deep Throat’

In a major shocker it has been discovered that the President-Elect of the United States goes to the beach and gets in the water — OMG — topless! And without being bedecked with areola jewelry, belly piercing or even a tattoo [I was so hoping for his left bicep to be stenciled "Playaaa" in a tasteful Gothic font].

Forget Barack Obama’s staff making contact with a governor charged with corruption. What’s got everyone talking is the president-elect’s fine first form…

The photos were distributed by Bauer-Griffin, a photo agency more typically found on the corners of Hollywood. Photographer Chris Behnke simply strolled along the beach to get the shot, said agency co-owner Frank Griffin.

Obama "wasn’t hiding. He was completely out in the open," Griffin said. "We didn’t by any stretch of the imagination expect to get the images we got."

Men have nipples?

Who knew?

(pic via Huffington Post)

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