Cheney: Nauseating Me With A Nauseus Super-Naus*

Let this be a lesson to you, power-proximity seeking weasels who sought to do Dick Cheney’s bidding to get closer to the inner circle, no matter the wrongness of the task. Or sycophantic acolytes and true believers who hopped to when fingers were snapped, no matter the impact of their actions on the constitution, the rule of law or the balance of powers for the long term. 

You’re stupid enough to do the minion shuffle? Then, it’s always your fault:

Mr. Cheney said that the Bush Administration legally exerted the kind of authority found in Article 2. “We did it in a manner that I believe and the lawyers that we looked to for advice believed was fully consistent with the Constitution and with the laws of the land,” he said. “And there’s, I say, ample precedent for it. If you think about what Abraham Lincoln did during the Civil War, what F.D.R. did during World War II, they went far beyond anything we’ve done in the global war on terror.”

Regarding the difference in roles played by the outgoing and incoming second-in-commands, Mr. Cheney said that if Mr. Biden “wants to diminish the office of the vice president, that’s obviously his call.”

Passive aggressive much, there, Dickie?  That boogie man schtick is so re-tread, dude. 

Did no one learn anything from Richard Nixon? Besides the wrong-headed, legally and morally repugnant lessons Dick Cheney clearly thought he learned, I mean?

The minions always — always — take the rap, while the boss walks off into the sunset certain that he was right and the whole of the universe is wrong.  And if he ever has a glimmer of belief otherwise, that wrongness will fall squarely on the shoulders of all those "lawyers we looked to for advice."

Paging John Yoo: big bad blame and scapegoat blue light special in aisle W.

*Is it me, or can all things Cheney be summed up with a line from You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch?  YouTube from same.

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