What do these Things Have in Common? Total Disregard for DOJ Rules!


Last night, I was at a holiday party and I was trying to explain my disappointment with the Eric Holder nomination and I rattled off the list of his publicly known questionable activities: Marc Rich pardon, FALN pardon, Chiquita back room deal over paying off terrorists to murder union organizers. And the person I was talking to asked me a good question, he asked what do these seemingly isolated incidents tell me, that makes me so queasy about the Holder nomination?

And I suddenly realized, that I have not been explaining myself to you very well, up until now.

The unifying theme about all the nasties that Holder did (the ones we know about) — Rich, FALN, Chiquita — is that they all involved ignoring DOJ written rules. How can a guy who shows utter contempt for the written rules that are supposed to guide DOJ to act with integrity and honor, ever be expected to restore Integrity and Honor or to enforce the very rules he himself routinely violates?

In the Rich and FALN cases, he violated written rules from the Office of Pardon Attorney that require getting input from the people who originally prosecuted the case and from the crime victims. In the Chiquita case, he violated the Thompson memo on corporate prosecutions.

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