Libby and the Carlsons: Another Edition of Tucker’s Got a Secret

tucks box–smallI tire of this. But since Tucker Carlson fails to disclose — again — this salient little tidbit regarding his self-interested family business in Scooter Libby? Here goes:

. . . unfortunately for Tucker, the secret got published on the Scooter Libby Defense Slush Fund website. . . and blabbed all over Washington. . . and Arianna found out about it.

But with all he’s had to say about the case, there is one thing that Tucker Carlson has failed to mention: That his father, Richard Carlson, is on the advisory committee of the Libby Legal Defense Trust, the GOP-heavy-hitter-laden group that has so far raised $2 million.

Indeed, Richard Carlson was the Early Money Is Like Yeast of Libby defense fund-raisers, having couriered a check to Libby’s home the morning he was indicted. . . .

But while Carlson has mentioned the legal defense fund on the air and on his blog (including chiding Cheney for not donating to it), he hasn’t seen fit to offer up an "in the interest of full disclosure" type disclaimer.

According to Arianna, this isn’t the first time Tucks has failed to mention such a potential conflict involving Daddy and a story on which he was reporting. It’s an exceptional article, filled with all sorts of bits, including all those pesky quotes that Tucker no doubt wishes he could soften or, perhaps, be up front and honest about his bias before opening his yap.

Who’s yer daddy, Tucks?

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