Pull Up A Chair…

Never in a bazillion years would either of our pets ever do this. Both our cat and dog are terrified of the evil that is the vacuum cleaner.  No idea why, but this video cracked me up.

The fact that someone saw it, and then took the trouble to add music and effects?  (YouTube)  That takes it to a whole new level of wtf?!?  

This, though, is an awfully clever way (YouTube) to get the point across on the value of having skills in other languages.   And this just makes me (YouTube) laugh out loud.   Too fun.  This?  (YouTube)  Also a laugh.  

And I don’t even know what to say about this (YouTube)…except more power to you if you make it to the end.  This has ornery young Mr. ReddHedd (YouTube) written all over it. This one is (YouTube) just plain amusing.

And all I have to say for this? (YouTube)  Bwahahahahahaha….

So, what’s made you laugh lately? Pull up a chair…

PS — Bob Geiger has the Saturday toons up. 

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