Mitchell for AG: Last Try on Holder Nomination, Part II

Mitchell for AG

You guys all know that I believe that Jim Comey would be the right guy to be AG.  He knows just what is wrong with the Department, would recognize the political hacks who have "burrowed in" on site, and has demonstrated a willingness to stand up to the President and speak truth to power in the defense of the Rule of Law.

But let’s just say, you can’t bring yourself to support someone who is not a Dem for the job. OK, I have another suggestion. Iconic, brilliant, overqualified — a totally first round draft pick — George Mitchell.

Yep, George –peace in Northern Ireland – Mitchell. George – let’s investigate steroid use in baseball – Mitchell. George Mitchell who dressed down Ollie North during the Iran Contra investigation and delivered an eloquent defense of the rule of law during that crisis. [Even if you don’t read the rest of my post-click on this link].

Yeah, you say, great guy.  Iconic, brilliant, outstanding Senator and Senate Majority Leader, but what the heck does he know about being AG?

Did you know he used to be a federal judge? And before that, he was a US Attorney. And before that he worked at main Justice in the anti-trust division.  And he was in Army Counterintelligence during the Cold War.

The Dems have a deep bench, we can afford to be picky about our AG nominee.

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