Mysterious Ways

What’s that bunky? You can only afford turkey jerky for Thanksgiving as you watch your favorite team, the Detroit Lions? Lose your job, your life savings, your house? Remember this…

Kathryn Lopez retains her job as an Editor at the National Review. An editor who cannot edit, let alone spell or write in complete sentences. Bill Kristol still gets a big salary as a political pundit for being zero-for-the last eight years, now threatening to catch up to Dick Morris’s all-time record.

And finally, with a combination of all the non-skills and demonstrable lack of talent described above, George W. Bush still got himself two terms as President having possibly lost both elections.

Proving for once and for all, there is no God — or if there is one, he and/or she is a bit of a dick.

Feel better?

But hey, Ann Coulter has had her gaping maw jaw wired shut, so there are some small miracles.

(picture from here)

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