As the members of the Senate contemplate whether or not to retain Lieberman, they should remember he made an ad for Republican Susan Collins and raised money for her in her race against Democratic House member Tom Allen.

Lieberman and Collins were extremely chummy:

Lieberman was raising money for Collins as early as July 2007. He also campaigned for Norm Coleman in his race against Al Franken.

Here’s Lieberman on Glen Beck’s show, saying he "fears" that "America will not survive" if the Democrats get 60 seats in the Senate (per Think Progress):

Greg Sargent confirms today that Reid will call for a full vote of the caucus at their meeting next week.

Chris Bowers has a potential Lieberman whip count, and believes the vote now favors stripping Lieberman of his Homeland Security gavel. I think it’s optimistic — he counts Boxer as someone who would vote for expulsion. While Boxer towed the line in 2006 and ultimately supported Lamont as the Democratic nominee, she’s a good friend of Joe’s who campaigned for him during the primary — with semi-disastrous results.

I don’t see Boxer throwing Short Ride under the bus.

Of course, you can always call and ask her.

Update: The Washington Post is reporting that a compromise might be in the works.


No one is considering expelling Lieberman from the caucus. That’s a straw man set up by Lieberman’s people to try and muddy the waters. But if the issue is "compromise" as I’ve highlighted in the quote above, then that means Lieberman has to give something in return. A "compromise" isn’t "give Lieberman everything he wants".