Sign the Petition: Strip Joe

The Huffington Post is reporting that in their meeting today, Reid told Lieberman that he had to step down from his position as chair of the Homeland Security Committee if he remained in the Democratic Caucus.  Lieberman did not accept this offer, which means that his only redress is to go around Reid and petition the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee to keep his seat.

We’ve watched for years as Joe called us traitors, lied his face off, stabbed Democrats in the back and did everything he could to keep Barack Obama out of the white house.  Lieberman laundered smears that even McCain wasn’t willing to launch himself.

No way.

Make no mistake about it — Lieberman was openingly threatening the Democratic caucus in his press conference today.  Enough is enough.

Please sign the petition to the Steering and Outreach Committee, telling them it’s time for Joe to go.

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