From The Neocon Stylings of John Sydney McCain, Super Genius…

Because the Jack Bauer fantasies are just too damned tame:

McCain, 72, wants to use the OSS, the CIA’s predecessor, as the model for a modern-day agency for covert action, psychological warfare, and paramilitary operations. He has said he wants a group that will “take risks that our bureaucracies today are afraid to take,” such as sending agents to infiltrate terrorist groups.

Under the Republican’s proposal, the organization would recruit college professors, business executives and first- generation immigrants who could work quickly and aggressively, advisers say.

Today’s intelligence agencies with their rendition flights, torture approval, black site holding cells and no holds barred stylings are just too timid for the macho-posturing, neo-muscular policy of McCain and the swaggering stylings of his neocon coterie.

Oh yeah, how consistent with McCain’s prior mavericiousness and principle-osity. Sincerely.

The purveyors of national security failure and long-term lunacy lurk around every McCain national security policy corner. If they can’t even rid us of the scourge they created in Ahmed Chalabi, why exactly should we trust them to protect us from anything, especially from themselves?

Yesterday’s word of the day from Team McCain was "vigilance." Here’s a few for McCain: unprincipled, hypocrite, dangerous, and wrong. No. Really…just no.

(YouTube — a Wil E. Coyote classic moment)

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