Richard Dreyfuss Calls Oliver Stone a Fascist, and Doesn’t Like “W,” The Movie or the Man, All That Much

Richard Dreyfuss, who plays Dick Cheney with reptilian glee in W, told the ladies of The View described with Oliver Stone:

imagine working for Sean Hannity.

Of course perky conservative Mrs. Hasselbeck thought that sounded just dandy.

¬†Dreyfuss went on to explain that Stone proves that "you can be a fascist even when you’re on the left."¬† The actor also expressed that he felt the American people were left out of the movie, which is flawed.

Dreyfuss is no slouch when it comes to politics. His big push is the need to teach civics, "the pre-partisan" foundation of government in public schools, as geopolitics are not the place to make a mistake.

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