Barbara West’s GOP Agenda-Driven Journamalism: Tell KFTV To Apologize!

It’s a tale of two interview subjects and one GOP-agenda-driven "journalist." And what a tale it is. JedReport took a peek at KFTV’s Barbara West and interviews with Joe Biden and John McCain. The side by side comparison is astonishing.

Watch the clip and you’ll see exactly what I mean: bias, alla way, baby.

Matt Stoller’s done a series of posts recently about issues of bias in local media, and repeated use of hand-fed GOP talking points as "research" which is worth watching closely. With the advent of media consolidation, more and more local stations are in the hands of fewer and fewer large corporate conglomerates, and that’s not good for fact-checking or diversity of opinion.

BT asked this morning that folks sign a petition demanding an apology from WFTV for this hatchet job posing as an interview. I’m asking for your help on this as well.

You can sign the petition here.

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