I’m sorry

Now that he’s decided to double-down on the slander there’s only one question left to ponder about John McCain.

When will he give one of his patented after-the-fact apologies, before or after the election?

McCain always seems really sincere when he apologizes. And he regularly apologizes after the damage has been done. However, the bottom line is, he keeps doing things he later has to apologize for. That’s not noble or honorable, it’s sick.

Yet, repeatedly, the media falls for it, hook-line-sinker. Even though it is performance art so cheesy and vile Piero Manzoni would put it in a can. Joe Klein touched on this a bit a few weeks ago as well.

But now McCain is sitting there watching and not reacting as some moron in his audience shouts out how Obama is a "terrorist" — similar to how he stood by silently months ago as a supporter called Hillary Clinton a "bitch".

This is John McCain’s destiny. And when the inevitable apology comes, I hope someone has the good taste to tell him to go to hell.

As Josh Marshall stated:

These are dangerous and sick people, McCain and Palin.

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