Why Does McCain Blink So Much?

Ok, I was watching the debate last night and covering it on my twitter feed, curious to see what $5000 of makeup looks like, and curious as ever to determine if McCain’s suit’s shoulder pads, once and for all, are or are not larger than those of Antonio Pierce.  But watching it, I started to get insanely dizzy just looking at him.

WTF was with all that blinking?!!

Check out the video.  It’s just a sample, we could have taken almost any footage.  I mean, it was manic.  Was McCain:

  • lying, full of shit, as my deposition taking attorney better half suggested?
  • neurologically impaired due either to age, cancer, prescription drugs or something else?  (How about finally bailing out those medical records for all to see, Senator?  I mean, wtf?)
  • trying to contain his famously seething rage, but it comes out in his eyes?
  • flirting with Jim Lehrer?

I don’t know what the hell it was about, but it made it really, really hard for me to look at him.  He was going way too fast to count. 

Does he do this all the time?

Why do you think he blinks like he has butterfly wings for eyelids? 

Watch the video!

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