Margaret Cho: Palin, Misogyny and Palin’s Misogyny

5021788_tml.thumbnail.jpgVictory Fund award winner Margaret Cho wants to make things clear: She is miffed over Palin, misogyny, and Palin’s misogyny.

It’s a love/hate thing: Cho admits wanting to rumble in the rubyfruit jungle with Palin, but the comedian also decries the politico’s anti-gay stance. And though Cho rants against the misogyny directed at the GOP candidate, she saves her strongest language for Palin herself:

    …she is the ultimate misogynist. She is a woman hater in the extreme. To force women to have children against their will, to deny abortion rights EVEN in cases of incest and rape is abominable. She is an insult to feminism, a sickening example what a woman will do to other women in order to please men and further her own career. Women do s**t like that to other women to keep them down – to make their achievement seem more extraordinary – to keep women out of their way, so they can enjoy all the power and the men themselves, and that stuff makes them worse than sexist men. It is worse to be a traitor than a perpetrator.