McCain/Palin: Wrong For Women And Families

zombies-seeking-brains.jpgYawn.  Phyllis Schlafly recycles her reflexive zombie whine about feminism, but instead steps right into a pile of her own writing:

Sarah doesn’t need feminist approval for her lifestyle; the only person whose OK she needs for her double career as mother and politician is her husband’s, and he seems very happy with Sarah.

How very submissive meets Stepford. How many of you gals in the audience still ask your mate’s OK to have a "double career" inside and outside your home?  (Checks calendar.  Nope, still not the 1950s.)

Let’s see what McCain/Palin does stand for, shall we?  

Enforcement of equal pay for equal work?  Nope.  Pro-choice?  No. Even in cases of rape or incest?  Not even.   Access to contraception?  Nopity nope nope nope.  (To top it off, Palin belongs to Feminists for Life, which considers contraception to be an "abortofacient.")  Support the Violence Against Women Act (for which Joe Biden has been a champion)?  Actions speak loudly and say no.

Early childhood education?  McCain’s consistently voted against Head Start increases.   SCHIP?  McCain voted against it.  In fact, McCain has been ranked as the worst senator for issues impacting children and families.  The list is truly endless.

When it comes to the issues many women care about?  McCain/Palin’s policies say "why in the hell should we care about you?"  Back atcha in the voting booth, I say. 

Feeling liberated from the shackles of feminism, yet, gals?  We’ve lived out this zombie act with Schlafly and her anti-women who think for themselves crew long enough.  Who wants to relive the greatest hits of Nixonian culture wars via McCain’s campaign strategery?  Especially when it is the rest of us who pay the penalty for their policy choices.

So, if you’ll excuse me, my local chapter of Bra Burning Feminazis has their afternoon tea today, and I have to touch up my beehive…

PS — Will be on Rachel Maddow’s Air America show talking women, McCain and the economy this afternoon. 

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