WWSB: What Would Sarah Ban? The Investigation Continues…

Still wondering what books Sarah Palin wanted to ban? Brian Ross, of ABC News, reports — and doesn’t get any answers on specific titles from Palin or her pals.  But he does ascertain that Palin herself admits to asking about book banning on two separate occasions.

If, as her pal in the report says, it was just a rhetorical question, why did Sarah Palin ask the town librarian, on three separate occasions, according to McClatchy, whether she would consider banning books in the Wasilla libarary? Doesn’t seem so rhetorical if it’s a repeat concern, now does it?

The librarian can’t recall Palin mentioning specific titles, although a local reporter says that Palin had three specific ones in mind.  Why raise book banning if you have no specific books in mind?  Seems odd to me. 

Shouldn’t someone get John McCain on the record as to whether he thinks banning library books is a good idea? And if so, what books he would recommend banning? And why? I’d sure like to hear his answers.

The American Library Association’s Banned Books Week runs this year from September 27th through October 4th.  Support your local library — because an education is something that some prominent Republicans don’t want voters to have.

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