This is the worst AMWAY Convention Ever!

That was quite the parade of charisma last night. Note to CNN, this is most decidedly NOT what HDTV was invented for!

Michael Schaeffer said it best:

…thus far it seems the overwhelming tone of the Republican Convention is nostalgia. Shot after shot of a room full of white people cheering shout-outs to Theodore Roosevelt, applauding commemorations of aging Medal of Honor winners, misting up at video footage of Ronald Reagan. Every image up on that giant screen painted in sepia. And the grouchy tone–here’s somnolent Fred Thompson lambasting the "Georgetown cocktail party circuit"–evokes Abe Simpson more than Abe Lincoln.

The most telling sign of a party stuck somewhere in the past was likely unintentional. During the Reagan tribute, the familiar litany of the 40th president’s triumps concluded with a remark that Reagan had "saved our century." Indeed. But what about this century?

The line up tonight was particularly inspired…if you were at the Elks Club.

One old guy who wouldn’t be up there speaking unless he was a celebrity.

Another REALLY popular guy via videotape which had the solid production values of a typical "You Tube" from "Funny or Die".

And finally, a guy so popular, he cannot even appear at his own Party’s convention and decides to crash the other one.

If nothing else, people much like John McCain came forward to remind us of the importance of regularity and annual prostate exams. Hope you got insurance for that.

I guess my second favorite line of the evening from Fred Thompson, reminding people he is still alive, so alive you could smell the Old Spice through the television when he uttered this line:

"She is from a small town, with small-town values, but apparently that’s not good enough for those folks who are out there attacking her and her family," he said.

Apparently, now for the "Party of Lincoln" small-town values equals belonging to or hanging out with those who want to secede from the United States…well, that’s a new one.

But the best line goes to Lieberman, of course, who actually was allowed to say:

"What you can expect from John McCain as President is precisely what he has done this week"

Yeah, uh-huh, I do not think that is as much of an endorsement as you think it is.

But, oh-boy, tonight we get to hear from Tracy Flick so it will be all-good.

(top pic from ghbrett)

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