Lieberman to Reid: “Will $250 Thousand Be Enough?” – VIDEO

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid discusses reasons for keeping Joe Lieberman in the Senate Democratic caucus.

In this context, Reid volunteers that he recently went to Leiberman and said, "Joe, I need money from you." He describes Lieberman responding, "Will $250 thousand be enough?" Lieberman subsequently gave $250 thousand to the DSCC. Senator Chris Dodd also cited Lieberman’s donation to the DSCC yesterday.

Reid also describes the importance of having had Lieberman’s vote on the budget during the last session, and the need for his vote on legislation during the remainder of the current session.

Regarding Lieberman’s inclusion in the caucus in the next session, Reid states, "Nothing is set in stone." Regarding Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin’s angry characterization of a question about good votes by Lieberman as "illegitimate" yesterday, Senator Reid describes the question as clearly fair.

The excuse of Lieberman’s votes for the remainder of the session makes no sense to me. Nothing of consequence on energy policy or anything else will overcome a presidential veto. Moreover, the Democrats are invulnerable now to any loss of control of the Senate, no matter what they do to Joe Lieberman.

So, it just looks like Joe Lieberman is paying protection money to the DSCC to obtain license to call Obama a traitor, campaign for and travel with John McCain, speak at the Republican National Convention and campaign for a slot on the GOP presidential ticket. Reid, to his credit, candidly all but says so.

What clearer indication of Democratic party corruption, however legal, can there be?

Watch it!

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