Seriously, the most overused words in Denver have to be dialogue and conversation.  It’s like mum and apple pie, who can be against "making everyone part of the dialogue" or " having a national conversation" about X?  Except it’s fake, there’s no freakin’ dialogue on most issues: a few people have opinions which matter and most of the rest of us don’t.  This is the fundamental reality of our time.  60% of Americans can be for something, and Congress feels perfectly free to ignore them. Dialogue in insider-speak means "lets study this and do nothing to actually solve it."

Or as Inigo Motoya once said "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

(Bonus irritations: "in the 21st century" and "today’s world".  No, actually, every problem is not so much worse now than, say in the 30′s, or when facing down the Soviet Union..  K?  Thanks.)