DNCC 2008: When History Speaks…

During my lifetime, I have been privileged to see and hear a number of amazing things, to meet some profoundly decent people who have used their lives for the betterment of those around them. There have been a number of blessings in my lifetime that have allowed me to move further, dream bigger, and hope for something more for myself, my family and my community. 

It is because of the inspiration of those who fought long and hard before my time that I can do so.

One of those people — on whose shoulders we all stand in this nation — is Rep. John Lewis, who still bears the scars of the beatings he sustained marching for civil rights in these United States.

Watch history speak through the words of an American hero. And pause for a moment…just a moment…to contemplate what a decent person working for the betterment of others can do. The key word there, though, is DO.

Dare to dream, and then go out and make that dream happen. For yourself, for those you care about, for your community and family and world. Think about what you can do…then just do it.

PS — For our readers on the Gulf Coast, please stay safe and take every precaution you can.  You are in my prayers… 

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