Papa Bear Sighted in the Rockies

We were on our way in to the Pepsi Center when out pops Bill-O.

Naturally, I felt it only hospitable to greet him.

A little context for the video:

In March, editor Michael Kinsley infuriated O’Reilly by suggesting the Fox host’s background was less proletarian than he lets on (Washington Post, 3/1/01). O’Reilly makes much of his "working class" upbringing in Levittown, Long Island. His book’s dust-jacket bio begins: "Bill O’Reilly rose from humble beginnings to become a nationally known broadcast journalist," and O’Reilly says his father, who retired in 1978, "never earned more than $35,000 a year in his life."

But O’Reilly’s mother told a reporter her son actually grew up in Westbury, Long Island, a "middle-class suburb a few miles from Levittown," where he attended a private school (Washington Post, 12/13/00). His father’s $35,000 income in 1978 is equivalent to over $90,000 today in inflation-adjusted dollars.

I think of you when I shower, Bill. Call me!

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