Limericks of the Damned

Cokie Roberts called going to Hawaii (i.e. America’s Middle Income Paradise) "exotic" even though most of Obama’s significant non-nuclear family lives there. Implying some sort of upper crust elitism the average American cannot understand.

Where was Cokie while Obama was in our 50th state?


Yes, Nantucket, one of America’s wealthiest enclaves — it’s like the Hamptons with less horsecrap.

But apparently no lack of bullcrap.

And it also requires, nay, DEMANDS another thoroughly American tradition be used to sum up this bit of information:

There was an ol’ biddy on Nantucket
Whose Journalism came with a bucket
She could afford a lobster roll
By always playing concern troll
And now, my scorn, she can suck it.

Feel free to add your own limericks about Cokie, just keep them relatively clean — even though that is truly un-American.

(pic via teamsupersnack)

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