What Does “Change” Mean? Find out Sunday at Noon Pacific with Color of Change’s Andre Banks and Laura Flanders

I think we’ve all wondered, after one of Barack Obama’s stirring speeches, what change is? We all want it. After years of war, a lousy economy, a shredded constitution and once unthinkable acts like torture, we all need it. But what, exactly, will change if Obama becomes President, with a nice majority in the Senate and House?

Is it an end to torture? An end to war? Is it a revival of constitutional principles? Is it better stewardship of the economy? Will more people have health care? Will the US move off its dependence on oil? What changes are we looking forward to? Which ones are most likely? Which are most important to Obama? To the Senate? To the House? To the American people? Which changes are needed most and which changes, in the inevitable give and take, are less important, to be put aside if necessary to achieve those which are must have? And what can we do to have a voice in what change is?

On Sunday at noon pacific we’re going to have Laura Flanders and Andre Banks, Deputy Director of Color of Change, doing a live chat dedicated to this question, in preparation for a full panel in Denver, Sunday August 17th with Donna Edwards, Andre and David Sirota among others.

Color of Change was created after Katrina, to give African Americans a strong voice. It has over 450,000 members and has been a strong supporter of Obama’s. And as an organization which started because of the effective destruction of New Orleans, the complete bungling of rescue operations and then the ongoing attempt to ethnically cleanse New Orleans. Color of Change understands that change is needed badly, or you could lose your livelihood, your house, or your life.

So, please, show up on Sunday and join in the conversation. It’s a good time to try and figure out what sort of change we want, and how we can get it.

(And enjoy the video, showing Color for Change delivering 620,000 petitions to Fox.)

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