Please Note: Time Change For Book Salon Today

24832896.JPGJust a note to be certain everyone knows that the book salon today for Blue Dixie: Awakening The South’s Democratic Majority has a time change.

The book salon will begin today at 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT. Hope you can join author Bob Moser and host Tom Schaller for the discussion!

Should be a good one, given Tom’s prior theory that the South wasn’t in play.  From Digby’s piece for Tom’s prior book salon with us:

…In his book "Whistling Past Dixie" Tom Schaller gathers all the data to prove what those maps imply — the south is conservative in ways that the Democrats cannot crack without offending its other constituents or losing its progressive identity, which is exactly what’s been happening since 1992 when Clinton made a last charge through Dixie and barely managed to get 43% of the national popular vote. In this article by Schaller in The Democratic Strategist, you can see that the statistics tell the story. By all measures of gender,age, religion, family/marital status, occupation and socioeconomic status, the demographics strongly favor conservative Republicanism in the south for the foreseeable future. 

And more strikingly, it’s quite clear that as much as attitudes about race are losing their salience in the rest of the country, it remains a strong predictor of voting Republican in the south….

I hear Tom’s changed his mind — and given the dynamics of this year’s presidential race, that’s fascinating and statistically intriguing. He and Bob will have a lot to discuss on why that is. And what we can all do to turn the South blue.