Nancy Pelosi Smacks Lieberman Around (AUDIO)

Scarce grabbed the Pelosi clip where she takes Lieberman to task for questioning Barack Obama’s patriotism.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that no major Democrat is out there hitting him hard for his outrageous behavior — even Pelosi’s critique is tepid and awfully late. (Remember how quickly she jumped in to smack Russ Feingold around for having the temerity to censure Bush? Evan Bayh got his oar in on that one, too, as I recall.)

Still better late than never, I suppose. Others should take notice. Do they really think someone is going to say something untoward and Joe leaps to the GOP? The guy is probably going to speak at their convention, fer chrissakes. Or didn’t they notice?

Wonder if this has anything to do with Cindy Sheehan making it onto the ballot?

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