Morning Buzz

tyrabanksmichelleobamaharpersbaza_2.thumbnail.jpg. New CBS poll says 30% think the choice of VP running mate will have "a great deal of influence on their decision," twice what it was for Bush/Gore 2000.

. As Obama visits Indiana this week, three local guardsmen were killed in Iraq. Is that what John McCain means by "won?"

. Latest poll has Obama within 1 in Indiana.

. What’s up with all the suspiciously large donations to McCain by people who never even registered to vote?

. Remember the "Don’t Be Fuelish" campaign of Bush I? It reminded motorists to…yes, keep their tires inflated. (McCain was probably napping.)

. Tyra Banks does a layout for Bazaar as Michelle Obama. Before the cynics trot out, just recall what we had to endure during the Nancy Reagan/Barbara Bush years and be happy for us gals.

. Inouye to campaign for Ted Toobz. My favorite definition of bipartisan is when Republicans and Democrats get together to rip you off. What’s yours?

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